Myron Maurseth

It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of Myron Maurseth on September 1, 2017. Myron was co-owner of High Tech Auto and CIAT with his wife Margaret before her passing on March 24, 2016 Blog post on her passing.


Myron and Margaret grew up and lived in North Dakota before moving to California. Myron opened a Shell Station, which he owned and operated for many years winning many business awards, loyal customers and opened one of the first Smog Tech Training Schools in California. He used to teach classes out of the back of the Shell Station in Oceanside, CA. Margaret was a nurse for many years and Myron was about to go to medical school, before moving to California. Margaret joked that Myron instead became a car doctor. Myron sold his Shell Stations, moved to San Marcos and opened High Tech Auto and CIAT. High Tech Auto runs during the day performing smog check inspections along with CIAT office hours and CIAT runs automotive training classes at night. Myron taught the classes for many years and even wrote many technical manuals that CIAT still sells today. He was an amazing teacher who could get through to students who struggled with difficult concepts. This is also reflected in his writing that explains concepts in easy to understand ways. Myron was a great mentor to a lot of people and was very well respected in the automotive industry. He trained Smog Instructors with the BAR’s Train-the-Trainer program. He was kind, smart, funny and so much more. Myron will be deeply missed. He had been semi-retired for many years as his health prevented him from working much. He gradually fully retired and was living with his daughter and son-in-law, Maria and Wes, while they handle and run the business. Myron’s motto was Integrity and Expertise, which we carry on with much respect and humility.

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