New Retake Price Schedule

CIAT Students:

CIAT continuously strives to provide quality training and we feel pride as we see our students successfully complete hard, fast-paced classes.  Some students pass their classes on the first attempt while it may take more attempts for others.

At this time, we would like to inform you on changes to the Retake fees.  The new Retake fees are as follows:

·         Retake #1                          $150 (first time repeating the same class) (Full price $600)

·         Retake #2                          $200 (failed Retake #1; must retake class again) (Full price $600)

·         Retake #3 or more          $300 (failed the same class 3 or more times) (Full price $600)

·         2015 Update Retake       $100 (Full price $325)

Though the fees have increased they still remain a fraction of the full tuition price. 

·         All Retakes already scheduled will be honored at the Retake fee at that time.

·         Any classes you are currently in as of 08/31/16 that you do not pass will be at the Retake fee that was in place when that class started.

·         For a class to qualify for a Retake fee you must have taken the original class at the full price within the last 18 months.

Our hope is to see our students take their classes seriously by participating in class and studying that they may succeed the first time.  Class participation is strongly encouraged as one student may ask a question which others might also want to ask but may think of it as a “dumb” question.  Please remember, there are no “dumb” questions; do not leave class wondering.  By asking questions, you not only help yourself but also your fellow classmates.  

CIAT recommends the student’s reading and comprehension of the English language is at High School level; this will be a foundation for your success.  If you find yourself having difficulty comprehending the English language, we suggest taking a break from our classes and pursuing English classes. 

Please take into consideration the discipline and dedication needed to successfully pass these classes.  If you find yourself needing to reschedule, finding the program is not the right fit for you, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office by phone at 760 471-9848 or by email at 

Thank you for choosing CIAT as you pursue your career.

CIAT Staff