Notice of Retake price increase from $100 to $150

We want everyone to pass the first time, but since this is a hard program
Students do fail. If you fail you must Retake the whole class and pay the
current Retake price instead of the full tuition price. CIAT tries hard to keep
our prices low, but on occasion we must raise the price of services to keep up
with increased costs. Please keep in mind that our expenses do not decrease by much
if you have already taken the class. The new Retake fee is still considerably
lower than the full tuition price. We are here to teach you the knowledge and
skills to be able to pass the State Exam(s) on your own and to start to prepare
you to become a good a Smog Tech.

All Retakes that have already been schedule at the $100 will be honored at that

All future Retakes will be at the new $150 price.

The 2015 Update Retake price will remain at $100 at this time.

CIAT Staff